Polyolefin-based composite materials are used for various applications, including products that require heat-resistance, rigidity, high-end appearance, or flame retardant properties.Lion Idemitsu Composites Co., Ltd., (ILCC) handles not only the general polyolefin-based composite materials, but also various grades of the composite materials shown below.
Furthermore, we also accept customization of the solid state properties of respective grades. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The products of this grade include polyolefin-based composite materials that feature excellent mechanical strength, thermal stability and dimensional stability, and satisfy the wide range of needs of products mainly covering parts for home appliances, automotive parts, and hood containers.

Grade Type
Injection Calcium carbonate
[Features] Acoustic characteristics, dimensional stability, heat resistance, weathering resistance, good appearance, high fluidity
Barium sulfate
[Features] Good glossiness, steam resistance, heat resistance, hot water resistance, abrasion and whitening resistance, impact resistance, applicability to foods
[Features] Heat-resistance high rigidity, thermal stability, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, weathering resistance, applicability to foods
Mica [MRP]
[Features] High rigidity, high strength, high heat resistance, dimensional stability, low warping properties, gas barrier resistance, electricity resistant characteristics
[Features] Mechanical strength, dimensional stability, heat resistance, high rigidity
[Features] Low shrink properties, good paintability, high rigidity, high specific gravity
Extrusion-Hollow Calcium carbonate
[Features] High rigidity, low burning calories
[Features] Heat resistance/high rigidity, impact resistance, good formability, chemical resistance, recycling characteristics

CALP flame-retardant grade products are the flame-retardant materials that mainly use polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), etc., as the base resin, and the product lineup covers a lot of grades that can deal with dioxin issues and tighter environmental standards. By fully utilizing our versatile experiences, we pour our efforts into the development of highperformance in such flame-retardant materials and new grades, including engineering plastics, thereby offering optimum flame-retardant materials for customers’ products.

Grade Type
Injection Non-decabromo
[Features] Non-decabromo compatible (bromine-based)
Flame resistance, low specific gravity, high glossiness, heat-resistance and rigidity, mechanical strength, weathering resistance, electrical characteristics, chemical resistance
[Features] Non-bromo compatible (non-bromine based)
Flame resistance, non-antimony, low specific gravity, high glossiness, heat-resistance and rigidity, mechanical strength, weathering resistance, electrical characteristics, chemical resistance, low smoke evolution
[Features] Non-halogen compatible
Flame resistance, non-phosphorus, low specific gravity, mechanical strength, weathering resistance, Electrical characteristics, chemical resistance, Blue Angel Ecolabel compatible
High flame-retardant [5 VA])
[Features] Non-decabromo compatible (bromine-based)
High flame resistance (UL94 5VA), high heat resistance and rigidity, mechanical strength, electrical characteristics, chemical resistance
Extrusion-Hollow Non-decabromo
[Features] Non-decabromo compatible (Bromine-based)
Flame resistance, mechanical strength, electrical characteristics, chemical resistance, extrudability, thermal formability, weathering resistance, high reflectivity
[Features] Non-bromo compatible (non-bromine based), extrudability, thermal formability, melting tension

Talc and fire retardants are finely dispersed with an advanced kneading technology. The masterbatch grade materials can randomly be adjusted according to the customers’ applications.

Grade Type
[Features] High rigidity, high strength
  High-function (HMB)
[Features] High strength, high rigidity/high impact resistance
Flame resistance, high rigidity, high strength

We aim to develop a wide range of materials covering the materials whose key words are the environment and recycling up to high-function materials in which the properties, such as the scratch resistance, chemical resistance, high strength, and high durability, are achieved.

Grade Type
  Environmental responsiveness
[Features] Natural fiber reinforcing, ECO material, weight saving
  Engineering plastic base
[Features] High hardness, high hardness and flame resistance, chemical resistance, high durability
  High-function olefin
[Features] Low warping properties/high rigidity, high strength, high rigidity
  Various types of recycling
[Features] ECO material