We will introduce the workflow from the reception of consultation to the delivery of products.

We receive the customer’s requirements on our home page or through the telephone.
Upon accepting a consultation from a customer, the sales staff of the company will visit the customer and ask for the customer’s requirements. (An engineer will also visit the customer as required.)

The sales staff of the company will propose materials (whether or not existing products or newly developed products are available) that are suitable for the customer’s requirements. (Discussions will be made on the selection of materials, quantity, delivery date, estimates, etc.)

We will provide the customer with samples of the materials we proposed for evaluation by the customer.
(Technical support, such as attendance at the (injection) molding process, is possible as required.)

Checks will be made of the purchase specifications (delivery specifications).
We will have the purchase order from the customer and manufacture the product by the delivery date.

We will deliver the product according to the order specifications.