Since the foundation in May 1979, we have been providing a lot of new materials in a wide range of industry fields as a specialized manufacturer of composite materials for plastics mainly including polyolefin.

While keeping the concept of responding to customer needs, which is the simple and most important stance as a material manufacturer, attaining proficiency in the development of materials focusing on customer grade products gives shape to the characteristics of the company. Coupling of a new need with a new material gives unlimited possibilities in there.

We set out the base of the business activities to respond to customer needs and contribute to society, thereby working hard on the development of new materials.

Non-halogen flame-retardant grade Soft flame-retardant grade Automobile masterbatch
High-function grade Ecology grade    

Accumulation of technologies for about 30 years as a specialized composite materials manufacturer. Development of grades according to needs in a short period of time.
We provide adequate guidance for injection molding and guidance for mold manufacturing and have injection molding technicians (Special, Class 1, and Class 2).
State-of-the-art technology of flame-retardant PP grade (Example: Light-resistant and flame-retardant).
The research engineering capabilities of Idemitsu Kosan and Lion Corporation can be utilized.
  Idemitsu Kosan: Basic polyolefin technologies; Molding and flow analysis.
  Lion Corporation: Odor evaluation and analysis; High precision analysis of minor components.

We provide products of the same quality both at home and abroad with a production system that is in close contact with the consuming region (entrusted production).
We will accept the limited production of diversified products (from 300 to 500 kg/lot). We manufacture 1,500 or more grade colors a year.
The quality is guaranteed by Lion Idemitsu Composites Co., Ltd. Our major production entrusted companies acquired ISO 9001 certification.

The trust from the customers (trading companies, molders, and end users) and other related parties (entrusted production companies, etc.).
Most of the products are of the grades for customers. The company structure is to develop, manufacture, and distribute the products.
We have acquired ISO certificates related to the environment and quality. We will aim for further enhanced customer satisfaction.