Establishment May 26, 1979
Capital 100 million yen
Account End March
Shareholders Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (50%);   Lion Corporation (50%)
Executive Officers President Souichi Uchiyama
  Executive Vice President Yuji Tai
  Director and Sales / Marketing GM Seiji Nakamura
  Director and Environment / Quality Assurance GM Hiroshi Miyake
  Director and Composite Materials Research Laboraory GM Keisuke Funaki
  Director and Purchasing / Logistics GM Keiji Irikuchi
  Director (Part-time) Toshimi Arashi
  Director (Part-time) Hisao Kakui
  Auditor (Part-time) Junko Nishiyama
  Auditor (Part-time) Yasuyoshi Masuda
Business Line Production and sales of plastic composites manufacturing.
Production /
Sales Items

Various types of composites manufacturing of home electric appliances, office automation, automobile, industrial materials ,daily necessities.

Business Offices Head Office (Tokyo), Research Laboratory (Chiba)
  Sales Offices (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka); Office (Hamamatsu)
  Overseas Local Offices (Hong Kong, Thailand, India)
Resident Office (Shanghai)
Production Bases Domestic (Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Kyushu)
  Overseas (China, Malaysia, Thailand, India)